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contemporary acoustic singer-songwriter

 LOUDERMAN is a TV/Film music singer-songwriter project launched in 2020

the songwriting is in the contemporary acoustic genre with the focus on being cinematic classic and timeless



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Photograph by Ronald Dicke

LOUDERMAN writes songs that are filmic landscapes in a contemporary acoustic format, that sits within the classic singer-songwriter genre that emanated from the early 70's.

During the 80s and 90s, LOUDERMAN was a signed writer/artist to EMI Pub/SBK Records, and has an extensive repertoire of songs to draw upon. These songs are now unpublished and clear for licensing. 

LOUDERMAN has spent the last 3 years writing and recording. The result is 4 albums now recorded mixed and mastered. The latest album entitled 'songs at the end of the world' is ready for immediate exclusive licensing. 

The Places We Never Found 



Artwork by Mat Maitland



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All Videos

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For TV/Film sync licensing please contact:

or call Peter +447970518217


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